Top Qualitative Data Analysis Software

1. QDA Miner

QDA Miner is a mixed methods and qualitative data analysis software developed by Provalis Research. The program was designed to assist researchers in managing, coding and analyzing qualitative data. QDA Miner features include import different formats of documents and images such as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, RTF, SPSS files, JPEG, etc, text retrieval tools such as eyword Retrieval, Query-by-Example, Cluster Extraction. Also includes statistical functions such as coding frequencies, cluster analysis, coding sequences, coding by variables and visualization tools such as multidimensional scaling, heatmaps, correspondence analysis graphic, proximity plot. GeoTagging (GIS) and Time-Tagging tools and report manager tool to store queries and analysis results, tables and graphs, research notes and quotes.

Coding retrieval tool for extracting coded segments associated with specific codes or code patterns and identifying coding co-occurrences, coding sequences and assess relationships between codings and numerical or categorical properties.

2. ATLAS.ti

ATLAS.ti is a tool for qualitative research with managed documents, multi-document view, high-performance multimedia engine, intuitive margin-area coding for all data types, and much more. ATLAS.ti uncover and systematically analyze complex phenomena hidden in unstructured data such as text, multimedia, geospatial. The program provides tools that let the user locate, code, and annotate findings in primary data material, to weigh and evaluate their importance, and to visualize the often complex relations between them. ATLAS.ti consolidates large volumes of documents and keeps track of all notes, annotations, codes and memos in all fields that require close study and analysis of primary material consisting of text, images, audio, video, and geo data. In addition, it provides analytical and visualization tools designed to open new interpretative views on the material.



HyperRESEARCH is a qualitative data analysis software which enables coding and retrieval of source material, theory building, and analyses of text, graphics, audio, and video sources data. HyperRESEARCH offers the intuitive case-based interface on all supported platforms and supports Case-base or Source-based qualitative methodologies or combinations. With flexible organization of codes from any source to any case, support for code frequencies and other code statistics, it is well suited for mix-method approaches to qualitative research.


MAXQDA is a computer assisted qualitative and mixed methods data, text and multimedia analysis software. Teamwork function allows one to create a detailed protocol of all operations performed by each team member. All data is stored in one .mx5 (Windows) or .mx11 file (Mac) and text retrieval tool fx manager offers complex retrieval functions.Memos can be used to document all ideas and insights that come up while working on the text and can be easily organized with the Memo System. MAXMaps and other program functions, like the Document Portrait, the Code-Matrix-Browser, the Code-Relations-Browser, the Codeliner and the Document Comparison Chart offer a wide range of options for data visualization. Also provides user-defined variables can be set, edited in crosstabs and exported to SPSS and Excel and lexical search and functions of quantitative analysis with add-on MAXDicto.

5. NVivo

NVivo is a qualitative software for qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data. NVivo is intended to help users organize and analyze non-numerical or unstructured data. The software allows users to classify, sort and arrange information; examine relationships in the data; and combine analysis with linking, shaping, searching and modeling.
The researcher or analyst can test theories, identify trends and cross-examine information in a multitude of ways using its search engine and query functions. NVivo supports data formats such as audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, spreadsheets, rich text, plain text and web and social media data.

6. Qiqqa

Qiqqa is a freemium reference management software that allows researchers to work with thousands of PDFs and combines PDF reference management tools, a citation manager and a mind map brainstorming tool. Qiqqa integrates with Microsoft Word XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 and BibTeX/LaTeX to automatically produce citations and bibliographies in thousands of styles.

7. Dedoose

Dedoose is a web application for mixed methods research qualitative data analysis software and is a cross platform app for analyzing qualitative and mixed methods research with text, photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet data. Dedoose and EthnoNotes have gained recognized for their integration of qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods in combination with interactive data visualizations.


8. webQDA

The webQDA is a web based qualitative analysis software that supports the analysis of qualitative data in a collaborative and distributed environment. It offers online and real time collaborative work as well provides a service to support scientifical research. This software is optimized to Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers, and with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.


9. f4analyse

f4analyse is an easy to learn QDA software for research projects which supports the analysis of word processing files by providing functions for coding, memoing, retrievals, and frequency analyses.


10. Annotations

Annotations is a Mac application that simplifies adding and managing notes to texts while keeping the documents clear and readable making it the perfect helper for researchers, students and other data analysts.



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