It seems that from the first release of iPhone, Apple has been more focused on video and photo quality than in sound.

During the last decades we have been experiencing a complex and non stopping evolution on portable lens; even that the manufactures are always the same…

In the competition for the megapixels, sound was relieved to the second place. But, if what we want is that our video recording sounds more like a profesional production, we will need some audio improvements; therefore… We would need some plug-in microphones.

There are different kind of micros which will be reviewed on the next postings. 

How to choose your microphone for iOS devices

Your budget. As always, this will determine which price point you’ll be looking at. If you want one of the best models out there, it’ll be around a few hundred bucks, otherwise there are some decent quality mics for under hundred.

What type of mic make? There’s XY, mid-side, even a bit bigger and just a larger diaphragm condenser mic. There are benefits to all of these, but a majority of the popular models are XY since it allows for a large pickup, as well as gives you the ability to manipulate the directions of the mic depending on if you’re recording video alongside the audio or not.

Additional accessories. Some come with a carrying case and others will merely fit in your pocket. The more expensive mics come with a bundle of additional accessories, such as converters, wind screens, etc. It can quite possibly save you some money.



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