Academic CV

One of those difficult moments to any researcher is have to prepare his or her first Academic CV. We all know how to prepare a professional resume or professional CV but, what should an Academic CV look like? Before writing this post, I have made a little research on line and I collected some good … More Academic CV

Ethnographic Fieldwork Equipment That (Hopefully) Won’t Break the Bank: New Digital Tools

National Association of Student Anthropologists Matthew Hale (Indiana U) Having discussed digital audio recorders, cameras, and camcorders in the first three installments of “Ethnographic Fieldwork Equipment That (Hopefully) Won’t Break the Bank,” I want to examine three digital technologies that professional and student anthropologists ought to consider when investing in or upgrading their field equipment: … More Ethnographic Fieldwork Equipment That (Hopefully) Won’t Break the Bank: New Digital Tools

What is Sociology? (According to Giddens in Modernity and Self-Identity)

Originally posted on ReviseSociology:
This is a rough outline of some of the purposes Sociology might be put to according to Giddens, gleaned from a reading of his ‘Modernity and Self-Identity  Doing research to inform the ongoing process of reflexive modernisation at an institutional level Doing research into how flexible structures and what extent these…

Anthropology Spotlight

 Well… there is another great app from Wiley. In this case is about Anthropology, and honestly, looks quite complete. I’m workin on one of those “interdisciplinar” projects, so… sometimes I don’t know where I belong; but, I can be on multiple places at once. Academia should be upgraded… Academia XXI 3.0 Let’s check the functions … More Anthropology Spotlight